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la Famiglia Africano


This is where we would like to add your family happenings, birthdays, graduations, and special announcements, all you need to do is send an email or call and we'll add the information you want to share.

The 82nd Africano Reunion is coming soon!

June 23, 2013 at the Kankakee Sportsman Club 12:30 PM

Check the FAQs page for directions and a map



Bobby and Nancy Africano came to Kankakee for a visit last week so the cousins had a great lunch at Rosalee and Larry's. Bob is still working at the School and also is building his Pest control business (Tri Star Pest Management). Bob and Jimmy have also joined a new Italian Club in Tennessee called Viva Italia ( make sure you check it out.


Harry Goes Fishing, but where's the fish?

Jo Tanner sent these, enjoy.

(click harry to see more)

79th Africano Reunion  

(Click the melons to view reunion pictures)

  Frank celebrated his 98th Birthday on February 3, 2010. We had a small party at the lodge on Saturday. Click the picture of Frank to hear his Birthday greeting. To see more of the party (click this link.)



The Africano Christmas Party was a great success. After a two year hiatus compliments of mother nature it all came together. Click the picture to go see the album.

Hi to all the family, from Nashville.

It's Jimmy I hope you guys are doing well. I am slowly learning to play on face book and I found some Africanos in Sicily. I was wandering if you all had any names of cousins who might still be there. There is also a Scipio Africanus group on face book for all the Africanos and its written in English, Italian, and Spanish.
Enough about that. Family is fine down here. I have moved out of food except catering events, my pest and wildlife management company has been growing very quickly and I am needing to concentrate on directing it's path. As I make that statement I realize that my next is another time taker for me. We are starting an Italian dinner group near where we live and we been meeting, eating, and drinking for about 6 months now and its been a lot of fun. We will soon be getting a website for that. Viva Italia is the groups name. I am trying to get mom and dad more involved in that to get them out of the house more. I hope to catch up with you guys soon. Timing is always hard for the reunions, but we keep trying to get the picnic to fall into the route soon.

Robert Africano recently honored with a flag presentation at David Youree Elementary where he and my wife wife work for veterans day.

Congratulations Rick and Rose







The pictures of the 2008 Family Reunion are now available to see and download. I am sorry for the delay. You can view them at this address.

77th Africano Reunion2008

Congratulations to Leon Kerouac, actually now Grandpa Leon Kerouac, oh yea and Congratulations to Great Grandpa Jay Kerouac. Leon's Daughter Monique gave birth to a healthy baby girl. Kenley Kerouac. Mom and Baby are doing fine.

Leon Kerouac asked to post this web site to help promote awareness for a disease call Progeria. Its a disease that his girlfriend Ariel's brother died from. Please take the time to look at the site and become aware of the fight against this disease.


Hutchinson-Gilford Progeria Syndrome ("Progeria", or "HGPS") is a rare, fatal genetic condition characterized by an appearance of accelerated aging in children. Its name is derived from the Greek and means "prematurely old."


Frankie Africano son of David and Lisa had a star singing role as Mr. Bumble in the Lakeland High School play "Oliver". I heard their were standing ovations. Good job Frankie

Nick Africano turns 80, wow!

(Check out the celebration here)


2008 Africano Christmas Party Cancelled

For the 2nd year in a row mother nature has forced a cancellation of the Africano Christmas gathering. For the health and safety of all our family it was a wise choice. We look forward to the Africano Family Reunion this summer and hope to see you all there.



Adam and Michelle (Kerouac) Stone in Japan with twins Mya Michelle and Sevren Laurent.  Mya arrived at  6.6 lbs and Sevren weighed in at 5.10 lbs, my how they've grown. Brother Omar is delighted. All is well in Okinawa, Japan. Arigato gozaimasu! Click here for more pictures.


       MORE TWINS  



Nathan and Ryne were born April 11th, 2007. To watch the Twins Progress check out their own website


She's like your own personal makeup artist

Gina (Quigley) Thompson's advice column Ask Gina in the Kankakee Daily Journal is no longer available

Check out her web site and links to her blog articles.


or try her blog here






Robert and Theresa “Terry” Rebholz of Bourbonnais and Fort Lauderdale, Fla., celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary.


   Lauren and Frankie graduate from 8th grade. Frank just played a singing role in "Into The Woods" (a Stephen Sondheim play) with a community theater production in Minocqua.


Randy, Diane and Haley are leaving 4/22 for Italy to meet Nicholas as he finishes school in Florence. They will all travel for three weeks.


A message from Nick Africano in Italy. Nick is abroad studying and seeing the sights and sounds of the Africano ancestors. Read his message and see the sights. (click here)



Dana's daughter, Alaina, is spending a year in Johannesburg Africa, as an exchange student.


Emily Africano (Tom's oldest) and Simon Holtz were married July 28th in Chicago



Congratulations to Justin Hill and Jennifer Kempen-2007 High School Graduates and on to higher education. Justin Hill , Mary's son,  Rosalees Grandson, has been accepted to the school of engineering at Purdue University 


Congratulations to Mike and Nancy Kempen celebrating 25 years of marriage on May 5th


Just some quick family news from Denise Neuendorf (Daughter of Chink and Theresa Dupris) : "Cary's husband, Brad Greene, has been deployed to Iraq for the second time. He is a captain in the US Army at the Anaconda base near Balad. We hope to see him home in late spring. Cary lives in Killeen, TX and works as an interior designer for Centex Homes. "

"Our son, Daniel, will get married to his high school sweetheart, Buffie, January 6th. My dad and Eva, Jill and Gary, and Jill's sons John and Andrew will fly down for the ceremony. John and Andrew will be groomsmen."


The Africano's received acknowledgements and Thank you's from the following charities.

Breast Cancer Research  (Tammy)

Alzheimer Research (Theresa and Bob)

M.S. Research (Becca)

To find out more about the 3 Day walk check out this website.


Lauren Africano wows them at State of America Games (click here for results)

(Click here to read articles)

Lauren Africano Future Star


Check out Chris and Gina (Quigley) Thompson's  website, the finest catering in Eastern Michigan. Click on the logo.


Africano Proclamation in Honor of the 75th Africano Reunion from The 94th Illinois General Assembly

Click the Picture to view Africano Proclamation

Uncle Frank gets interviewed at the Lodge

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