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la Famiglia Africano

The Africano Family has had a long and
wonderful history. Starting in the Village of Ciminna on the Island of Palermo, Italy and stretching its roots throughout the United States. Two immigrants, Nicola and Teresa Africano left their
homeland to share with generations past and future. This site is dedicated to remembering the past and preserving the future.

The Africano Family has long since moved from Sicily to America and from these pages you will see how far we've come. Below is a list of the Marriages of the Africano family . Also click on the interactive buttons  below to view copies of the original documents of immigration and citizenship.

Frank Africano

February 3, 1912 - July 10, 2011

Farwell, Father, Brother, Uncle, Friend.

Marriages of the Africano Family

1895 Nicola Africano and Teresa Rasumi        Date unknown

1923 Henry Africano and Delia Riberto           October 19th

1932 Charles Africano and Anna DeCola         June 10th

1934 Frank Africano and Dorothy Hedlin         October 2nd

1935 Mamie Africano and Bernard Wieliczko   April 27th

1936 Sam Africano and Mable Hedlin              January 17th

1940 Tony Africano and Pauline Menard         November 16th

            Immigration documents of Nicola Africano


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