Many thanks to Randy and family for having the foresight to record these precious pieces of Africano Family history. The Interviews take place in July and August of 1991 and include Mamie, Charlie, Delia, Frankie. Click the link for the story you want to play, wait for it to load then click the small play arrow. If you are using a dial up connection it will take a while because these files are rather large. Enjoy!



Getting Lost In Chicago

The Trip across the Ocean

From Harvard to Kankakee

The Move to East Chicago

Back to Kankakee and the Bear Brand

Traditions with Money

Their Marriages

Everyone Drafted, Nobody Goes

Wine Moonshine

Their Women and Bennie

On Brothers Henry and Sam

On Brother Sam

The First Francesco

How Brother Frank Became a Barber

On Uncle Tony

On Brother Joe

Brother Joe’s Close Call

The School Bully


Taking Pa to the Doctor

The Barn Fire or 1920

The Bear Brand Brawl

Nicola the Hunter

The Poker Game